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As a bit of background about myself, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2001 with a dual degree in Psychology and Plan II Honors with a Minor in Spanish Literature. I went on to Columbia Law School where I received a J.D. in 2005. I then practiced law for five years before returning to graduate school, yet again, to pursue my passion for helping others by becoming a psychotherapist.

I completed my Marriage and Family Therapy graduate coursework and received my Master of Arts degree from the University of San Diego in 2012 and have since practiced in a number of settings up and down the California coast, most recently in the San Francisco Bay Area. Along the path to licensure, I have gained experience working in a primary care behavioral health collaborative care program at UCSD, as a school-based therapist at an elementary school, in a group home working with foster youth, working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, in a non-profit community health agency (Catholic Charities CYO in San Mateo), in a private practice internship in the South Bay, and, most recently, in an on-site corporate health center in Silicon Valley.

I also have a small private practice and am currently seeing clients from up and down the peninsula out of an office in San Carlos.

I feel that it is a privilege to be a therapist and I am honored by the trust that my clients put in me. I am always learning from my clients and am deeply committed to helping them improve and achieve their goals. I strive to be fully present in session, giving my client my undivided attention and concentration. Clients report that I am perceptive and insightful, that I have a way of making them feel comfortable and that my therapy room is a safe and nonjudgmental place to express themselves and be heard. I have also been told that I am a good listener and ask thoughtful questions. These are among the highest compliments I could receive.

I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and learn what you are hoping to achieve in our work together.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best.

Take good care,